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Do you want to make your guitar sound like a synth, or something else completely different? You can use either hardware or software or a combination of both to convert the sound of your guitar to a MIDI signal. This then means you can experiment with different tones and sounds not usually possible on guitar. Turn your guitar into a saxophone, piano, flute, drum kit or access a massive range of synths.

Expand your guitar-playing possibilities. And all newly updated for For more information, read our disclosure policy here. And the added bonus is that it will also act as an audio interface — which means you can record your guitar too. If you need to know a bit more about the difference between Audio and MIDI then do check our very popular post on this subject.

It uses the keyboard as an example, but the principle is exactly the same. Or, if you are not bothered about the recording capabilities of the i2M, then Sonuus also make the G2M which is purely an easy way of turning your guitar into a MIDI guitar controller. The other benefit of the G2M is you can use it to directly control other hardware without having to connect it through a computer. The video below shows a guitarist turning his guitar into a synth using the Sonuus G2M. The i2M will work just the same … with the added benefit of audio recording capability too.

Or, if you want to use it directly as a hardware controller. All you will need after that is some music making software. In other words, one note at a time. That costs a lot more! Though obviously, if you are using the i2M as an interface to record the sound of guitar then it will record everything you hear….

The decoder will then convert that information into MIDI. This does mean you need to purchase TWO pieces of equipment. The Pickup and the Decoder. The GR looks like a typical guitar multi-effects pedal, but it is more than that. This processor is the brains of the MIDI system. The MIDI pickup sends the string vibration information to the processor, which then converts each string into a pitch and uses the synth you set on the pedal.

All the sounds you hear depend on the processor. But checkout the video in our playlist. You get what you pay for! Here are the two bits of Roland kit you need to do what Alex Hutchings did in the video … plus a third, cheaper option that will achieve the same thing and includes the GK-3 pickup. It concerts your guitar playing to a MIDI signal. Your guitar is now working as a MIDI controller. It is more expensive than the G2M, but in this case it is Polyphonic — so can handle multiple notes at once.

This makes the Fishman massively more versatile than the G2M … but at a higher price. It is a complete game changer for guitarists who want to use MIDI. There is also a very inexpensive software-only solution, called Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 Software which is demonstrated in the video shown in our playlist. No need to buy any hardware, the Jam Origin Software will certainly extend what you can do with your guitar. This third option is a different approach. It is not a pitch-MIDI converter.

But it does give guitarists an intuitive and handy MIDI control surface. Which means you can instantly access and control digital effects at your fingertips. Skip to content. The Decoder. The Cheaper Gk-3 Alternative. Bestseller No. As a class-compliant MIDI Play over custom instrument presets Fishman TriplePlay Connect MIDI Guitar Controller Easy and non-invasive installation on most 6-string guitars Fast, accurate, and responsive real-time guitar pitch-detection New hand-position technology eliminates ghost notes – flawless chords have never been easier!

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Logic pro x vs fl studio reddit free. Logic Pro vs Pro Tools: Which is the Best DAW for You? – Updated May 2022

Most people use FL, Logic, or Ableton for PRODUCING, it’s all really on you and what DAW you feel most comfortable in and know the best. Pro. Ultimate Production Kit (Drum Kits Reddit) – GB – 10, drum kit sounds from Reddit. Free drum kits for FL Studio & Ableton Live. They all have pros and cons Logic is available for Mac OS only and currently FL Studio is a Windows only application although FL can be run on OS X with a.