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One person found this helpful. I have been using PDF Fusion since Worked just fine until recently. Yesterday it came up with an error message telling me that my free trial had expired. I did not have it on trial, I purchased it from Amazon in After multiple attempts to reload the product and re-enter the serial number it still is giving me the same error.

Contacting Corel Technical Support is useless. Their online chat does not work, and there is no number to call support directly. I have filled out a form that says they will contact me within 24 hours. No contact. Went through their number to try and get a workable serial number, and they filled out a ticket for tech support.

Still no contact. I use this product daily to do edit PDF’s, now I am out of business with it as it will not perform tasks without leaving a nasty watermark on the documents. It appears as if their serial number checking is dynamic in real time and somehow their database is corrupted which tells the product not to work for me.

This is a cluster F. Please Amazon, drop the Corel line. They obviously don’t care about their end users. Disappointed – not very intuitive. Having used Cored Draw when it first came out about 15 to 20 years ago? Should be easy right?

Should not have to labor thru a manual. Selected some text to be edited and a tool bar with about 8 icons appeared. Good start. But, hovering the cursor over the various icons and Corel did not automatically identify their function. So, try one, then another, and Undo undesired changes as we go. Finally, found one that made the changes, but it “unbolded” the font, when all the surrounding font was bold.

Also no option to make it bold, on that simple edit. So, search around to find how to make it bold, and another 10 to 20 minutes blown. This is very basic, and should be EASY. But, with all the good intuitive programs that have been developed, especially by experienced companies, like Corel, I would think that they could have done a lot better. This program is reminiscent of the powerful but hard-to-use Nuance programs. To publish and preview your book, you will need two utilities, KindleGen 2 and Kindle Previewer 2.

Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing the two utilities can be found here. Click Next to work through a series of three screens with instructions see Figure 2 , or click Skip to get right to work.

Figure 1 – The first screen that appears gives you the option of viewing the online tutorial, or stepping through three screens with instructions. Figure 2 – The first screen explains how to add chapters and content.

The add-on opens into a blank document window with the New Chapter dialog box displayed so you can get started right away. For now, click Cancel to clear the dialog. Note the new toolbar on the left side of the window — this is the eBook Publisher toolbar see Figure 3.

The labels provide an adequate description of each button. If for some reason, your labels have been turned off, you can hover over each button to display a QuickTip description. Now comes the fun part — it’s time to start writing your masterpiece! The first step is to insert a chapter heading. With the insertion point positioned beneath the chapter title, type the text that you want to appear in your first chapter.

When you are ready to insert an image, click in the document window where you want the image to appear, then click the Insert Image button on the eBook Publisher toolbar. When the Insert Image dialog box appears, browse to the folder that contains your image files. Double-click the image file that you want to insert in the document. WordPerfect places sizing handles around the inserted image so you can resize it if necessary see Figure 4.

Otherwise, click in the document window to continue inserting chapters. If you like, select passages of text and assign a color. While the colored text won’t show up on a grayscale Kindle, it will appear in full color on a Kindle Fire, iPhone or iPad.

Figure 4 – The first chapter and an image have been successfully formatted in the manuscript. When you are finished adding chapters, it’s time to add the front matter.

Click in the boxes next to the items you want to create Title page, Copyright, Dedication , then click OK. Assuming all three options are selected, a sample title page is generated see Figure 5 , followed by a sample copyright on the next page, followed by a generic dedication on the page after that, for a total of three new pages at the top of your manuscript, ready for you to fill in. Figure 5 – The Front Matter tool automatically generates a title page, copyright and dedication.

When you are finished with the front matter and have proofed your work for typos and proper formatting, you are ready to publish to the MOBI format. It’s important to note that while Amazon’s Kindle store is used as an example, any MOBI-compatible device will be able to display your book i.



PDF Creator – Corel PDF Fusion.Corel PDF Fusion Document Management Suite [PC Download]

That solved the serial number problem. Translate all reviews to English. Customer reviews. Essentially I had no recourse. Yesterday it came up with an error message telling me that my free trial had expired.