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I’d like to ask if it’s true that Sony Vegas 13 no longer provides GPU acceleration with newest graphic cards? I mean OpenCL. I’m going to build a new PC shortly and I wanted to confirm this gossip.

Not true. But it’s still there, the same as it was before. It should still work well on the Radon R9 in VP13 and There has been no significant change since VP Before installing the new card, I rendering a V13 test project that included Titler, Hitfilm, and many plug ins to various formats перейти на источник GPU acceleration both on and off.

The new card, the R9was about even по этому сообщению the old card in rendering performance with GPU on. Even though the new card really did not impact rendering times for me, I am happy with the new card in terms of V13 in that sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free reduced the number of crashes which I suspect related to Titler Pro 3 in the majority of cases and improved the timeline preview performance signficantly. Overall V13 runs very well with the R9 Also, the new card does a lot better with my GPU high demand non Vegas software such as iClone 6 and generally refreshed /28523.txt system nicely.

Before buying the card, I read a lot about various cards on this forum with thanks in particular to Oldsmoke. Thanks guys. As has been reiterated before, Sony Vegas 13 has no support for the newer NVidia cards. This is not a rumor. I have experienced this myself I have a GTX and has also been amply documented.

When trying to enable GPU support, Vegas simplies says that there is no supported card available. There is a request for Magix to add По ссылке support for these newer cards. Unfortunately, I need an NVidia card for certain other software, so I’m stuck. I haven’t upgraded to Vegas 14 yet as there were some reports it’s actually slower than The Vegas video engine effects, compositing is supported via OpenCL. The video engine is used at all time.

Playback and “render as”. Once I sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free that the guy who has a GTXwas having a render time with GPU acceleration enabled and without it of course with the same footage and render settings. Does it mean that nVidia cards doesn’t make any difference at all with GPU acceleration?

I’m just trying to make sense out of it : assuming he’s telling the truth about the render time results, which I can’t confirm unfortunately. I’m not getting it why people spent so much time and effort to win a few seconds rendertime. In the old times a few years back I sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free used to render overnight and was happy the next morning rendering was almost ready. I did a few test before upgrading to RX from R9 both 4Gb DDR5, Vegas Pro 13 showed me exact same performance in rendering time 0 gains there, but playback was a little smoother with RX for sure, third party plugins like Titler pro 4, NewBlue effects benefits more from my upgrade than Vegas pro itself.

Norman, I’d love to know what the missing bit of that says! This is very anecdotal. Nothing rigorous. The second item is the GPU option in the “render as” templates which controls the file перейти. That has closed up quite a bit recently in the drivers. The promise of OpenCL is that you can write generic code and it works everywhere. This is true but maybe not optimal. To get max performance you still probably have to tweak CL code for specific architectures.

That is probably why Mainconcept AVC is the way it is. Targeted to specific architectures and it has never been kept up to date for newer stuff, nor does it have “generic” to run on just anything. The Luxmark benchamrk is one взято отсюда you can see performance нажмите сюда. Luxmark is an often quoted OpenCL benchmark. Well, supposedly Nvidia informed the developer of some things where were not doing optimally. Those things made Nvidia underperform on that benchmark.

That would be Luxmark 3. Luxmark 3. You cannot compare 3. All that makes me wonder if Vegas is just not as optimal on Nvidia, like Luxmark used to be. I do not remember this when I had AMD. Pure Vegas effects roll quite well. I wrote an article to be linked in the near future from a pinned forum FAQs post. Hello, this is my first day in this forum.

I am quite happy with vegas playback, is much faster than Resolve, I can throw a lot of Fx in and I am still getting 20fps or 22 at a good quality playback.

If I wanted to sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free smoother maybe full hd playback? Unfortunately not really. If you wanted to try that you could get away with a much cheaper card than the RX for just running displays, as long as it supports the resolutions you want. You probably have what is currently “the best” graphics card for accelerating Vegas for 8-bit work. Take a look at this thread. There are lots of things you can do to make playback smoother, some of which you might not have thought of before.

In all installations, SLI and Crossfire sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free not supported. Nvidia cards in SLI are slower and than a single card. When I had the two Nvidia cards in my system, it was important to select the card in the second slot for timeline acceleration, otherwise Vegas wouldn’t make any use of the second card at all. For the two R9Crossfire didn’t slow it down but also didn’t improve the timeline performance.

Also note that two cards only makes sense if both can run x16 mode which would mean you need a socket CPU with 40 lanes or the older with 36 lanes.

It is sad that Nvidia cards are not well supported but actually they where always used in OpenCL because that is simply how Vegas works. SCS probably paid well for that feature and didn’t want to invest again.

Should be enough for VP14 and p footage. Graphic card is still problematic with AMD cards seemly the best for Vegas at present. Nick’s suggestions likely are still a good place to start your research. Here ‘s a good choice of GPU at the moment. Here ‘s what AMD have on the way. Looking at a new computer build for music production and video editing, and while this is not a budget computer, I was thinking I would sink more money into CPU and Motherboard.

Nick’s link to New Нажмите сюда shows that item out of stock. Is this just what I am going to pay?

I am trying to sink more of my money into CPU and motherboard I’m using a Ryzen 7 x. While the individual cores of the i7 have a tad more brute force, the Ryzen sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free smoke the i7’s at multi-threaded apps, especially apps that use all threads NVidia has some really good cards, though Vegas is still in the stone age so we can’t utilize the features on those cards in the app yet. I’ve always found AMD drivers to be sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free.

I do video sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free mapping for a living and after having my Radeon HD crash and burn so bad I had to re-install windows right in the middle of a gig I gave it away and bought a GTX I upgraded my old system to this setup. It’s been chewing through some video encodes like they’re nothing.

Even with lots of effects on the timeline. It has proven to be quite powerful, I’m very pleased with the results. I was looking at the Samsung Evo vs. Pro for the OS.

As for storage, was looking at HGST drives, as they seem very dependable. If I need to move this over to another thread I will, but while I have your ear Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? You may be blocked if you misuse this feature! Sign in. Hello everyone, I’d like sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free ask if it’s true that Sony Vegas 13 no longer provides GPU acceleration with newest graphic cards?

Thank you. Back to post. Hey there Nick. I didn’t believe that either, but I sony vegas pro 12 opencl vs cuda free to be absolutely sure :. Any good reason for that behaviour? Maybe hardware issue?



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